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This is my travel blog. It started as a way for people to keep up with my trip to Australia to watch the 2006/7 Ashes series, and continued with my trip to SXSW 2007 in Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas in March '07.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The inevitable happened yesterday after about an hour and a half of play. That man McGrath caught Harmison off a top edged pull & England move on to Adelaide already 1-0 down in the series. Any remaining faint hopes that England could survive perhaps for a session or 2 and then be saved by some forecast rain proved illusionary when Pietersen clipped Lee to midwicket in the first over of the day. The rain never showed up either.
Today is one of our free days from cricket and Moz has gone off to see the Steve Irwin zoo outside Brisbane (now minus Mr Irwin of course). I'm off later to a town about 30 miles from the city call Ipswich to a railway museum there. Rather anorakish I know but it interests me anyway. I would have gone to another museum that was even more eccentric - the Gympie museum of woodworking - but it was too far north of Brisbane to get there & back in a day. Shame really because they have a working steam sawmill which was what my great grandfather used to own & run.
It's odd how even the most glamourous sounding holidays descend into routine - last night was mainly spent doing laundry (or rather Moz showing me how to laundry as I haven't done any since last time I was in Australia!). We also cooked our own meals - Moz with his rather impressive looking pasta dish, and me with a microwaved baked potato, ham & baked beans. I'm sure that indicates something about us but I'll leave you to decide what.................
We then went out for a drink at the Barmy Army HQ, the Pig & Whistle pub not far from where we are. It's really quite odd being this far from home & walking into a pub that sells Boddingtons, looks like any bar in any town in the UK & has a band playing Oasis covers as we walk in. Not an Aussie to be seen (except behind the bar so just like the UK as well) and an impromptue rendition of "We are the Army, the Barmy Army" for a good 10 minutes at one stage of the evening. The Barmies are getting great press here - everyone seems to love them. With a bit of luck in Adelaide they can group together more easily and get behind the team. I really think it gives the England team a lift when the songs are echoing around the ground. Only on the last day here were they able to get enough people in one place to make sufficient volume, as there was loads of space - probably about 10000 in a stadium that holds nearly 40000.


At 9:02 AM, November 28, 2006, Blogger Sportingo said...

I am really interested in publishing some of your articles on cricket.

At 10:44 AM, November 29, 2006, Blogger marksmyth said...

Please note the interesting comment left by Michelle. Note the time was 7.02 PM. War Machines and Souls - Moz will fill you in James!
Glad to hear your getting lessons in laundry! Let's hear that you've had a Gordon Ramsey from Moz too, by the time you get back. Mind you you proved your worth James, with your meal back home, still gutted that I couldn't really take part with gusto.
And yes I did know what a transverser was, I've been educated for hours about the railway works from Woody...imagine! (can't spell it though).
The Brisbane night scene does sound good, but you can't beat a good view of Swindon from our attic window, with a glass of Pinot Noir!


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