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This is my travel blog. It started as a way for people to keep up with my trip to Australia to watch the 2006/7 Ashes series, and continued with my trip to SXSW 2007 in Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas in March '07.

Monday, December 04, 2006

There's only one thing that's winning this test match and that's the wicket. So far there's been over 1100 runs for 17 wickets and with England about 100 ahead going into the last day the draw looks favourite. Any track that allows McGrath to concede his worse ever test bowling figures (0-130) and Warne concede the most runs he has ever done so in an innings (1-169) must be pretty flat. All credit to Hoggard today for plugging away and ending up with a 7-for.
It was hotter today, but still cooler than in Brisbane and manageable to stay out in the sun all day. I'm beginning to get a reasonable tan now - but it is a T-shirt tan - golden brown to the bicep and white as a sheet above that! I'm also getting sandal wearers foot - a tanned square on the top of the foot where the sandal doesn't cover. Looks rather odd.
I do have loads of photos, especially of the cricket. My new camera can zoom in up to 16 times and gives some really good action shots. Unfortunately internet speeds here are crap, even broadband ones,so it's virtually impossible to upload them to the web. I'll try again when I get to Perth.


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